Queering the Museum

during Copenhagen Pride in August, Glyptotek was transformed into a laboratory for liberating our conceptions of sexuality, gender and the body, and generating new readings of the art of Antiquity.

Through dance, dialogue and a staged trial we invite guests and statues to take part in imagining alternative futures in the company of the performance collective Disturbing Business, philosopher Denis Maksimov, Professor in visual culture and performance design Michael Haldrup and dancer Linh Le. The event was curated as part of the research group VISPER’s (Visual Culture and Performance Design) event programme, and was part of the national research project Vores Museum.

Dancer and performer Linh Le as the wounded amazon
The initial dance performance by Disturbing Business
Classics? Eduardo Abrantes – a happy member in the audience and crowd.


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Kristine Samson

Associate professor at Performance Design, Roskilde University. I teach Performative urbanism, and Performance Design as Situated Practices. Urban researcher, activist and aesthetic consumer interested in transforming the city for the common good.

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