Performing Institutions

How might a contemporary institution be designed and performed?

Has the time come for Performance Design to (de/re)institutionalize as an independent academic post-disciplinary research field and artistic paradigm that resists conventional organizations?

These were some of the questions asked at the 3rd International Performance Design Symposion held in Fara Sabina, a small town on a mountain hill outside Rome in Italy.

7 researchers and teachers participated in the event from performancedesign at Roskilde University. We had some fruitful discussions on how institutions – museums, theaters, universities, academies and cultural venues – could be performed. Among the proposals were Performance Design as education of Desire, Performance Design as Nomad Knowledge and The Institution as Structures of Care. 

After three days of intense workshops, the initial proposals were enacted and performed collectively in the scenic surroundings of Teatro Potlach and Fara Sabina.


Kathleen Irwing and Anja Lindelof in a site-specific performance – engaging stones, cats and kids on stage
Henriette Christrup, Shauna Janssen, Kenneth Bailey and Ele Slade investigating public space in Fara Sabina
Ele Slade on scenography and visual performance. In the audience, Michael Haldrup.
Enjoying the sunset in Fara Sabina



The scenic view from the mountain top in Fara Sabina





The audience on the staircase watching a performing institution

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Associate professor at Performance Design, Roskilde University. I teach Performative urbanism, and Performance Design as Situated Practices. Urban researcher, activist and aesthetic consumer interested in transforming the city for the common good.

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